5 Key Leadership Qualities

No organization can survive or work efficiently in the long run without strong leadership. Hence we can say, A leader can either make or break the business. According to research by Gallup, nearly 24% of people are actively disengaged due to poor management. 

If your business has a good leader, he knows how to motivate and pass energy to the team members and finally boast the overall organizational growth. But wait? Who is a great leader? What are the leadership qualities? Well, we shall know them in this article.

A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. ~ John C. Maxwell. Yes, there are no mysterious ways or tantrums for becoming a great leader. You need to just do your best in all your way, and you will inspire people around you. That’s the main quality of a leader. A leader inspires his people in whatever the situation he is. Don’t you agree?

Now, let’s see the other essential qualities a leader should have.


The very first thing a leader should have is confidence. You need to be confident as people tend to take every quality of you as inspiration. Therefore you need to stay strong about your ideas, thoughts, strategies and vision to communicate with them with the same intensity. Moreover, as a leader, you are the key decision-maker. There are threats everywhere, especially in businesses. So a leader should stay alert every time and be able to take decisions swiftly with high confidence. 


You can’t expect your employees or team to be loyal to you when you are disloyal to them or the organization. After all, you are leading the team and you are an example of how a member of the company should be to your team. So, integrity is a key quality of a leader. Moreover, honesty opens doors to communication between employees, employers and co-workers. A healthy communication hones the company growth as you know No discussions No Solutions.


Zest or excitement or enthusiasm call it whatever, it is contagious. An enthusiastic leader spreads his positive vibes to his people. When employees are influenced by that enthusiasm, they work with double the energy and celebrate their work. So it is crucial for a leader to inspire his team with his zest and just pass it on. 

Strong Communication Skills

A leader needs to communicate with his team often to share his knowledge, discuss the company’s vision and ask about their well being. So, a great leader has strong communication skills. Because he needs to express his views or inputs in a clear, crisp and precise manner. 

Communication skills here means not just proficiency in the language, he needs to convey his thoughts without creating boredom. A true leader makes it a conversation, not speech yet focusses on the company’s goals.


Let there be numerous pressures, act cool and calm. You will become an inspiring leader to your team. People around you observe you, learn from you and imitate you to be the best like you. So, serve as an example for them by handling the pressures or threats with your wisdom preserving your cool.

Bottom Line

You need to agree that most of the leaders are made not born. Leaders are made during the process of learning, teaching and observing. While hard work, perseverance, positivity are the basic elements that make a leader, the aforementioned are essential qualities a great leader should have to empower his team and lead them to success.


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