5 Soul-crushing security challenges with Industrial IoT

IoT (Internet of Things) is gradually taking an important role in the industrial sector. Industries are undergoing a digital transformation after IoT has become their integral part.  In fact, the global market of IoT is even expected to reach $1 trillion by 2025 which is definitely not a normal figure.

With that said, industries are digitally transforming, look at these few best examples of IIoT.

  • In Industrial Automation to run industrial machinery and equipment, IoT applications’ utilization is immense.

  • Intelligent Manufacturing, in which robots work in industrial conditions that are difficult for humans to work.

  • Smart Industry in which all the assets will be taken care using IoT. This is for a much easier flow of work and efficient performance of the industry.

These fields such as automation, manufacturing, supply chain etc. are yet to see even less human involvement in the coming years. The downside here is though IIOT offers myriad benefits, there are crucial challenges too. With the increase in automation and IoT utilization, businesses often have to compromise on security. Let’s discuss them in detail.

5 Security challenges with IIoT

Data Security and Segregation of Cloud Data

Data is the most crucial thing, either it is of a person or a respective firm. In the hurdle of improvisation of data transfer, the safety of data is somewhere neglected and it is the biggest challenge now. The cloud storage in which data is stored in many layers of a cloud network is used for several applications of IoT, that use cloud transfer methods. But, the Privacy of cloud data is a threatening challenge and needs to be taken care of. 

Achieving the privacy of data is not only the safety transfer but it is a secure one to store the data for long periods. Here data management is also an important factor, be it cloud storage or non-cloud storage. Moreover, with cloud storage which is likely to explode over time, it is much harder for data safety as it's usage increases. Having said that, it's always important to have a set of rules to take care of the data transmission to ensure security.

Network and Hardware problems

Several factors such as the battery, sensors, detectors and other hardware make up a smart device or an IoT project. These different parts are interconnected in a device work together.  Based on combined efficiency, their outcomes depend. 

Again, there are definite possibilities for hardware and network issues here to be considered. Battery backup and consistent performance of network parts are important in this matter. At the same time, network performance should also focus on regular cyber intrusions and malicious interventions. These issues are to be noted carefully to build better IIoT projects.

Industries need a reliable service provider such as value global services within their hands to focus on each important factor they come across while doing business.

Inefficient Testing

For the IoT and the increasing demand for the new IoT devices that ought to link to certain devices, there are few security factors to test on repeat. But most IoT manufacturers are not promoting testing much for new devices, that are in the IoT chain to improve security features. Consistent up-gradation will reduce the possibility of any cyber attacks overtime.

Data Conversion to Code

 Remember that encryption of data is very important these days whatever the data might be. The conversion of any data into a form of code to stop unauthorized access of the particular data is technically termed as encryption. Hacking is easy if the potential data is not encrypted well. Thus the challenge here is the increase in the number of IoT devices that need secure data encryption.

Potential of IoT Device Software for Unwanted Authorized Access

IoT devices along with its software are capable of doing many things. But the improper functioning of this software might lead to leakage of data too. The devices get into some serious trouble when it is vulnerable to hack or data-stealing. So, such kind of software must be focused on the improvement of rightful access over a computer system.

Bottom Line

Here’s how this bleeding-edge technology is still struggling with these challenges. There is no doubt that IoT will bring a dramatic spike in the industrial revolution and that is not any far away too. When legitimate ways to use such technologies to overcome the challenges is known, this hype will lead to reality.


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