6 Biggest Challenges That Every eCommerce App Faces

Do you know? The estimation of global e-commerce spendings would reach $4.8 trillion by the end of 2021. Such a huge number definitely promises a great future for the eCommerce industry as a potential platform for customer demands. However, managing an eCommerce application is not an easy task. It needs much effort, skills and investment. In addition, there are some challenges that every eCommerce should look after to boost their performance.

Biggest challenges that every eCommerce app faces

Application Speed and Usability

Usability, security and speed of the application allow users to have a hassle-free shopping experience. The better these factors, the better traffic. It’s always difficult to optimize these factors when there are several people shopping at once on the same platform. App crashes and bugs will annoy customers a lot which in turn results in negative user experience and a high bounce rate.

Problems in Digital Payments and Security

Ecommerce applications offer several options for payments including debit cards, credit cards, digital wallets, third-party payment gateways etc. The failure of these payment process is so annoying as no customer wants to waste his time just to pay bills. 

Hassles such as technical issues cause money deductions with status as an error. This finally leads to the process of waiting for days to get money back to the account. Integrating different payment platforms partnered with particular banks lead to such problems. Therefore the rate of cart abandonment increases which is again a negative factor.

Attracting Targeted Customers

Many eCommerce applications lack in targeting the right customers by not promoting the right products. The products listed must target the right customers and inspire people to buy them right away. This happens only when the right choice is made related to the type of products even before you launch the app.

Also, sales don’t happen with the old school marketing techniques. Businesses, especially that directly deal with giant crowd need to adapt to hot and trending marketing strategies.

Omnichannel Customer Experience

We know that most people shop on mobiles for the benefit of its flexibility. But there are several other platforms to shop from such as a tablet, computer or telephone as well. Omnichannel marketing is the best way to give customers their explicit shopping experience. Promoting through omnichannel will help eCommerce businesses to drive more and more customers. But the omnichannel experience for eCommerce is lacking in such applications and that is a challenge on its own.

Problems in Delivery Methods

Shipping time and the method of shipping matters the most in any eCommerce business. People always prefer faster delivery methods in a short time. These types of customer demands impact hugely on the business. There will be instances where the customers will expect faster delivery even if it's not a paid delivery. And, slow shipping experience will cut down sales. Hence, faster delivery methods with real-time tracking is one of the ways to attract more likely customers.

Optimization of Product Description & Improper Meta Information

A product description is the only factor that lets a customer know what he is going to buy. To make it easier for customers to decide about the product sooner, a proper and significant description should be provided. The description must be optimized in a way that appeals to the customers. 

Choosing the right marketing way and implementing it through SEOs will definitely help a lot. Things such as click-baiting, improper usage of images, page titles and metatags will impact businesses in a negative way. 

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that eCommerce applications are struggling to improve shopper’s experience in a better way. But what most businesses oversee is that each factor that contributes to run these eCommerce applications will impact the business and its growth. Of those, security, transactions and delivery are the major factors that a customer will look up to. Hence, focusing on these major challenges, eCommerce businesses can improve their app performance while boosting their sales at the same time. 

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