Mobile apps will bring an ever-lasting revolution in tech-world by 2025

Smartphones have undoubtedly become an integral part of our life. The treasure of options that smartphones offer is making our lives much easier. Therefore the dynamic usage of mobile applications is growing rapidly.

Ever wondered what made mobile apps so popular? Their Flexibility, speed, security, and simplicity? Yes, you’re right!

Mobile applications are user-friendly and reliable which is why they have become successful. The innovations in mobile app development and usage are expected to rise even more in the coming years.

One of the best examples is that there has been a significant rise in smartphone application usage during this lockdown due to COVID-19 since most of the people are restricted to homes and phones. Having said, app developers of various platforms such as Android, IOS, and Windows are working on new application concepts to provide the user experience better.

The above scenario is just an example to determine the rapid growth of mobile applications in 2020. There are stronger points that declaim that mobile applications will play key roles in the tech world in the near future. We’ll discuss that too.

But before that, let’s have a quick look at different types and categories of mobile applications.         

Categories of Mobile Applications

Business or Productivity Applications

The capability of modern-day smartphones is incredible since they allow you to handle businesses with a tap. Communication, tracking work, booking tickets, paying bills, sending emails, buying business material, hiring individuals etc. Thus business applications have enormous options.

Some of the examples of Business applications are Amazon Web Services, Cisco Miraki, Box, Salesforce, Zoom, Microsoft office 365.

Gaming Applications:

Gaming applications hold the highest share of all mobile applications of approximately quarter percentage. Gaming apps are the most profitable since the number of people who game regularly is comparatively high. According to Forbes research, an adult spends an average of 7.78 hours each week.

Gaming is chosen as a career too. In this modern generation, a pool of exciting and consumer attractive gaming apps is at the sight to choose from.

Lifestyle and E-commerce Applications:

Lifestyle applications are included in every human-related activity such as fitness, fashion, shopping, self-care, etc. But these types of applications always miss out on something and will demand something more as a solution such as better UX, better UI, advanced data privacy etc.

Social Media and Entertainment Applications:

According to a survey by Statista, average daily social media usage by a typical smartphone user is around 144 minutes (as of 2019). 

Applications that come default in the device are a no-go to us. There are tons of applications to choose from to kill boredom and spend leisure. 

Quality-oriented entertainment apps give us so much content to choose from. Mobile applications that act as platforms for accessing TV shows, movies, music, and podcasts, etc. are definitely going to bring a huge change over to the entertainment industry.

Utility Applications:

Utility applications are commonly used by every individual on a daily basis. Users spend less time on these applications and use them just to get the work done.

Examples are scanners, trackers, healthcare, taxi apps, and a flashlight.

Enough of ado, now let’s see how mobile can bring an ever-lasting revolution in the tech-world by 2025.

Influence of Mobile Applications on Tech-World

The mobile applications whose usage is growing like a positive slope will definitely become the next big thing by 2025. 

Future Trends of Mobile Apps

Cloud-driven mobile applications:

Cloud-driven applications that ensure security for user data and provide flexibility for the data storage have finally found their place in mobile apps. As security has become a key factor, these cloud-based apps are steadily on the rise.

Google AMP

This is a project started by the search engine giant, Google 4 years ago. AMP AKA Accelerated Mobile Pages are likely to bring a drastic change-over to the mobile app trends mainly from SEO and web application perspectives. The AMP supported mobile apps to improve business performance by loading the data faster and reducing the bounce rate.

Payment Apps

The growing usage of mobile-based payments such as Google Pay, Apple Pay has already replaced bills and credit cards or debit cards as well. The easiness, compatibility, and security before, while and after making transactions made the mobile payment apps already familiar in everyday life.

However, the usage of mobile commerce is yet to grow even more popular by 2025.

AR/VR Technology

On a special note, let’s talk about Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality which is blooming in modern technology:

Virtual Reality sparked a revolution in the gaming industry. Few mobile gaming apps that experienced huge success in the initial days are Pokémon Go, Sky Siege, and myNav. The Pokemon GO mobile app made a revenue of $207 million in its very first month, which is a highly significant number.

It is estimated that the market size of this AR/VR platform would reach USD 571.42 billion by 2025.

Bottom Line:

Having said that, the security of users’ data plays a vital role, applications that ensure user security only over the period of usage or that doesn’t even pass basic security tests are going to undergo a huge make-over. The app development community is constantly coming up with different ideal and useful applications with their up-to-date software to take the mobile application platform to the elevation by 2025. However, the demands of humans will inspire application developers to deliver innovative things every time. Not yet ready for the revolution that mobile applications are making? Then, it’s high time to find a trusted service provider to work on mobile app development for your business. Visit VGS, we have solutions to grow your business and take it to greater heights.


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