Top 5 Technology Trends for businesses in 2020

Emerging technologies are so effective that the modern-day business has become much easier because they’re simple to work with.

Such great technologies are our present-day way of business. No doubt, Technology trends keep evolving. But the fact is that with every change also brought a big shift in our businesses. Hence, in this journey of the digital transformation of businesses, several trends account for new ways of business. Although there are many trends in technologies for business, here are the top 5 trends that you need to know!

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI continues to amaze us with how it can affect our lifestyle and impact businesses as well. AI refers to computer systems that perform speech recognition, image recognition, and decision making. AI machines learn automatically using patterns and data features. AI can work accurately compared to humans and is used for automation, and automation is creating jobs in fields of development, programming, testing, and maintenance. Few forms of AI automation are smartphone assistants, home automation, industrial automation of machines, business maintenance, etc.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of everything is the new catchword for modern business, such level of internet usage breathes in businesses. Interaction between different digital devices through the internet makes way for connecting industries primarily. Smart devices, machines, and vehicles, etc are connected to the internet to communicate with each other. IoT can provide real-time control of business processes, and improved customer service. The integration of IoT is in place and AI is capable of transforming business. This will modernize business operations and increase the possibilities of tech businesses.

3. Machine Learning

Another amazing trend capable of analyzing complex data and providing simpler solutions to businesses is machine learning, and it is said to be the next business revolution. It can learn things just like humans and progress without human interference. Machine Learning is done through computer algorithms and certain smart techniques. Machine learning helps in predicting customer behaviors, business outcomes and through proper strategies, they can profit business with precise outcomes. This is also applied to study real-time insights of business. Since it's capable of studying and analyzing huge amounts of data, it can also be coupled with cloud storage and for the integration of data.

4. Edge Computing

No doubt, cloud computing is still growing as businesses are inclined to cloud storage and processes. But it has many shortcomings, as the data we compute today is huge and extreme, the cloud storage is backing at this stage to process that data. Thus, a new technology known as edge computing is in place to fulfill the shortcomings of cloud computing. Edge computing is the technology where the data is stored close to where it can be processed i.e, it is stored  'on the edge' and when it's time for data to process, it is released with less latency compared to cloud computing. IoT can adopt this Edge computing and IoT devices can connect to each other with several benefits such as lower latency and faster speeds. This will grow together as business trends and it is estimated that the edge computing market could reach $6.2 billion globally.

5. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been with us since ages and from its first convention around the 1950s,  it has come a long way up. Virtual reality is capable of immersing the audience into a world no one could ever imagine. Well, how can VR impact businesses?. Apparently VR is a part of gaming now after it is the component of the gaming sector. Also, it is the biggest influencer to plan sales and put in place new marketing techniques for your businesses. Many educational organizations are opting to adopt VR as a tool for learning.

Bottom Line

In this digital transformation of businesses, no technology trend for business will be left around, instead newer trends will emerge from the picked ones. Nonetheless, the few above trends contribute to engaging career opportunities and benefit future businesses.

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