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Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Tons of data is generated online every day and businesses have already realized its importance. But chunks of data without any analysis is a big waste. Hence data analytics came into the picture.

Data analytics is a process that involves collecting, inspecting, cleaning, organizing data to discover useful information that supports businesses in decision making.

Valu Global Services designed a Data Analytics course that best suits both professionalsí and studentís needs and provides training by experts in the industry.

Our course is comprised of the below-learning programs, have a look:

  • Full Stack Data Science Program

  • Data Science with R, Python & Machine Learning

  • Data Science with Python & Machine Learning

  • Big Data with Hadoop

  • Data Visualization with Tableau

  • Data Science with SAS & SQL

  • Nasscom Certified Associate Analytics Program

  • Data Science with R & Machine Learning

  • Big Data with Hadoop and Spark

  • Big Data with Spark

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