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Game Development

Game Development

Game Development

We provide the best Game Development & Programming training in Malaysia.

Game development is a hot industry that is fun, interesting, and exciting. It's the world's fast-growing industry and its global market is expected to reach USD 256.97 billion by 2025. So, do you want to be a part of the industry that is moving with meteoric speed?

We at Value Global Services have a team of industry experts who teach you core principles to advanced application in our Game Development & Programming course. We offer a wide range of courses in game development, game design, and game programming. We also train you practically in a way that you master the skills and kickstart your career in the gaming industry.

Have a glance at the courses we offer:

  • Introduction to Game Programming

  • Framework Programming

  • Object-Oriented Programming

  • Game Dynamics

  • 2D Interactive Prototyping

  • C++ Programming for Game

  • LUA Script

  • Open GL Programming

  • Graphics Programming

  • Graphical User Interface Development

  • 3D Mathematics

  • Game Computing

  • Initializing Direct3D

  • Vertex and Index Buffers

  • Single and MultiTexture Effects

  • Camera Management Systems

  • Compressed Textures

  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

  • Game Physics

  • Detailed of the Blinn - Phong

  • Geometry Tessellation

  • Texture Coordinate Generation

  • Image Filtering and Sampling

  • Efficient Line of Sight Testing

  • The Radiosity Method-World Space Filtering

  • Working with Sound

  • Game Project Development

  • Game Engine Fundamentals

  • Physics Engines

  • Working with a different game like FPS, Action, Casual

  • Special Effects Programming

  • Extensible Game Engine Architecture

  • Multiplayer Systems

  • Game Engine Programming

  • AI for Game Developers

  • Game Testing Rules